P P LINERS FZE is a global provider of shipping transportation services. We specialize in the ownership of bulk vessels. What makes our service stand out from the crowd, however, is our ability to provide in-depth, expert knowledge of individual geographic trades and markets

P P Liners offers a range of technology solutions to their customer and is also at the forefront of debate around the digitalization of our industry and is increasingly introducing new solutions to take advantage of the latest trends advancing our sector, notably around smart containers.

Our cargo service is the simplest and most common one we offer. It has been developed to ensure the safe and efficient shipment of any cargo.

For most of our customers, this service provides the support and equipment to move some of the world’s most commonly traded commodities.

However we understand that not all cargoes are quite this straightforward.

Fleet is managed by our Associates, partners. Among the distinguishing strengths that we believe provide us with a competitive advantage in the bulk shipping industry are the following:

  • We own/ lease / partnered  a modern, high quality fleet of bulk carriers.
  • Our fleet includes groups of sister ships, providing operational and scheduling flexibility, as well as cost efficiencies.
  • We have an experienced management team.

We benefit from strong relationships with members of the shipping and financial industries.

Our main objective is to manage and expand our fleet in a manner that will enable us to enhance shareholder value. To accomplish this objective, we intend to pursue highly focused business strategies, including maintaining a high-quality fleet; strategically expanding the size of our fleet; pursuing an appropriate balance of short-term and long-term time charters; maintaining a strong balance sheet; and maintaining low cost, highly efficient operations. In addition, we intend to capitalize on our reputation for high standards of performance, reliability, and safety to establish and maintain relationships with major international charterers and financial institutions.

Our reefer experts

We have improved our reefer container fleet but more importantly, we have ensured we train and develop teams of reefer experts in our agencies around the world., we understand the importance of preserving the condition of our customers’ cargo from the moment it is loaded until the moment it reaches its delivery point. Over the years, we have built strong experience and expertise in transporting chilled and frozen goods – commodities including fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products and pharmaceuticals.

Our 1,000 reefer experts will support you through each step of the preparation of your refrigerated shipment.